Maslenitsa is coming and we are going to celebrate it in Singapore! If you want to cook pancakes with us and wish to know more about the most interesting and fun festival in Russia, sign up for our masterclass on 14 March (Thursday) at 6.30-9pm.

  • You will learn how to cook pancakes
  • You will find out what Maslenitsa is and how Russians celebrate it.
  • You can bring your pancakes home to treat your friends and relatives
  • Vodka and red caviar are included, and you are free to bring your own drinks

When: 14 March 2013 (Thursday) at 6.30-9.00pm

Where: 4A Craig Road, Food Playground. It’s near Tanjong Pagar MRT. Map

Fees: 55 SGD. Payment should be done in advance

Language of instruction: English

The number of participants is limited, so we work on first paid-first served basis.

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We taught our friends how to cook pancakes and discover what Maslenitsa is and how Russians celebrate it. Our masterclass was held at Food Playground and photos are made by its owner Daniel Tan. Highlights of this class will be shown on Mediacorp channel 8 in the end of May. We’d like to thank everyone who celebrated Pancake festival with us!

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