Every year we bring our students to Russia or Russian-speaking countries so they could practice their Russian and explore the most beautiful and magnificent countries in the world. You can browse this page or visit our page on Facebook for more photos and stories.

If you wish to join our next trip to Ukraine in June 2018 email us with UKRAINE as a subject.


Trip to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan 2016

This was our first trip not to Russia but to Russian-speaking countries. Both Uzbekistan and Kazakstan are former USSR republics and people still speak Russian there. Besides some speaking practice we had simply amazing holidays! 12 days: Tashkent (UZ) – Samarkand (UZ) – B
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Trip to Russia 2015

This year we went to St. Petersburg, Suzdal and Moscow. 12 days! We spoke Russian, ate Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian food, learnt how to cook пряники and борщ, had an excursion to Moscow State University, saw white nights, experienced Russian banya and drank медовуха. Amazing trip w
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Trip to Russia 2014

This was our first trip to Siberia. We flew to Novosibirsk, where  we had a masterclass on how to cook real Russian food and then we moved to the village in Altai region for banya and shashliki. We took 30-hours train (a part of the Trans-Siberian Railroad) to Irkutsk, and transferred
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Trip to Russia 2013

After the Red Square, the Kremlin and all the glamor of the capital we travelled to the village near Petrozavodsk, where we spend two fantastic days (and we wanted to stay more) and had banya, shashliki, lot’s of homemade food and excursion to Kizhi, UNESCO heritage site. We wat
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Trip to Russia 2012

We spent 10 amazing days in Russia with our students. We’ve been to Samovar and Pryanik museumes in Tula, to Ekaterina’s Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (20 km from St.Petersburg), to “Vodka Castle” in Moscow. We went to the theatre in Moscow to watch rock-opera and t
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Trip to Russia 2011

This was our first trip to Russia with our students. We spent 7 days in Moscow and 3 days in St. Petersburg.  We’ve been to The Kremlin, enjoyed Russian art at The Tretyakov Gallery, took river cruise in Moscow and night boat trip in St. Petersburg. We saw giant matryoshkas and
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