Do you want to go to Ukraine but you don’t want to spend hours on research? We will tell you what cities, museumes, restaurants, theatres and excursions are worth visiting. Even if you are not our student or you have never thought about going there but suddenly are interested please join us on 27 January at 2.30-4.30pm. It’s FREE!

This information session is also for our students who are going to Ukraine with us in June 2018. We will discuss our itinerary, a list of things we want to do/see/buy/eat, air and train tickets, lessons, etc. If you want to join our group please send us a message before 27 January.

Every year we organise trips to Russian-speaking countries for our students who are at least 21 y.o and who have completed at least Elementary course. This year our teacher Maria is bringing our students to her motherland – Ukraine! Check out our past trips to Russia, Kazakstan and Uzbekistan here.