Is it possible knowing one word, automatically remember 10-20 others? The answer is yes! How? Come on 27 February and find out!

We are happy to invite you to our teacher Maria’s workshop on the secrets of our memory and how to learn Russian less painfully :) Being a professional linguist and speaking 8 languages, she definitely knows what troubles language learners might face. This presentation is a great chance to plunge into the wonderful world of Russian morphology and not be scared of huge vocabulary lists. This is also an opportunity to speak Russian and meet people who are interested in learning Russian!

You will learn:
1. Crucial factors in memorizing any kind of information.
2. Best techniques of learning long vocabulary lists.
3. Basic information about Russian morphology.
4. Easy method of understanding the inner nature of a word and its function in the sentence.

The workshop is in English, but you need to be at least at Elementary 1 level to understand what we are talking about.

Fees are 30 SGD. Send us a message and we will give you instructions on how to register and make payment.