Complete beginners are welcome to join our new START course on 24 Junuary – 28 Ауикгфкн. Lessons will be held on Цувтуывфны at 7-9pm. No prior knowledge is required, we will start from zero.

After this course you will be able to do the following things in RUSSIAN:

  • greet people and respond politely
  • introduce yourself and your friends/family members to each other
  • read street signs, metro stations, addresses and ask directions
  • read business cards and see the difference between family name and patronymic name
  • say your phone number
  • construct simple sentences/questions

    You will get: materials for 6 lessons, audio files and flashcards

Fees are 330 SGD. If you make payment before 14 January the fees will be 300 SGD. Spesial offer (285 SGD) is available if you make payment for the Start and Elementary 1 courses together. All materials are included.