We teach Russian! Our students are from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, Poland, etc. Our program is designed for foreigners who study Russian language outside of Russia. We offer START & ELEMENTARY courses for beginners and PRE-INTERMEDIATE & INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCE courses for those who are familiar with basic Russian grammar. Group, Individual and Corporate classes are available. If you wish to study in Russia we can offer classes at our partner schools in St.Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. Every year we travel to Russia with our students so they could practice Russian and explore one of the most beautiful and magnificent country in the world.

Students about us

  • Was Natasha's first few students when she first arrived in Singapore and have learnt Russian with the Center for at least 2 years. Teachers, on top of being patient and dedicated, are always on the lookout for innovative methods to plan their lessons and for helpful resources to facilitate one's learning of the language. One should definitely join them on their annual trips to Russia (at least once!) to practise the language and put what you've learnt to good use! It is also through the trips that you get to see the crazy, fun-loving and adventurous yet thoughtful side of the teachers!
    Benjamin Wang, Singapore
  • I have been learning the Russian Language at the Singapore Russian Language Centre for a few years and I will continue as long as I could because it's the best Russian language school in Singapore. All the teachers are very well-qualified and are extremely friendly, patience and I have become friends with them all. I feel very comfortable with each of them and they made learning so fun and exciting that I look forward to every class. The efforts and the way the school organizes activities and trips to Russia for the students to promote wider understanding, knowledge and exposure to the rich Russian language and culture is something you cannot experience elsewhere. I love the school, the teachers and also all my classmates whom are interesting people from all walks of life.
    Audrey Ng, Singapore
  • I love the sound of the Russian language. I'm interested in Russian arts, culture and history. In my international media work, I already use other European languages. Adding Russian to my vocabulary will make me more effective. So for both practical and personal reasons, I'm committed to learning this beautiful language. RLC provides a welcoming environment. Classes are structured yet the friendly teachers are sensitive to individual needs. I highly recommend RLC
    Jackie Chan, Singapore
  • The year I spent at Russian Language Centre Singapore was both a productive and inspirational one. Natasha – my teacher is  approachable, encouraging and patient, and is always willing to clarify your doubts while leaving you space to expand and build on your ideas. The curriculum is structured yet accessible; it develops a strong foundation and yet is conveyed in an interactive and interesting way. I have this two way learning approach in my individual lessons extremely helpful in keeping me interested and constantly motivated to learn more.
    Ze Chian Kang, Singapore
  • I've really enjoyed my time at the RLC so far! My teachers have been superb - they are friendly, approachable and passionate about the language, and they understand that Russian is a difficult language for new learners, so they really make a concerted effort to work through the nuances of the language with us. The lessons at RLC are varied, engaging and always very interactive, and the small class size makes for a very warm and accommodating experience. Russian continues to be a challenge to learn, but RLC has made it a very enjoyable and fun challenge indeed!
    Kevin Wong, Singapore
  • I learn Russian because Russia is such a fascinating country! Rich in history and culture being manifested in varying forms such as its extremely disturbing psychological films, Russian literature (haven’t managed to read any classics yet though…only have tried reading some modern Russian Soviet and post-Soviet literature, still very interesting and morbid and insightful especially to human soul and interestingly the ‘russian soul’), Russian music and Russian politics!
    Immerse in Russian culture and be interested in the things you learn. Try to watch some movies or Russian music or anything such that you can be more interested in learning this language. RLC also organizes a blini party, so please quick sign up and join!
    Edwin Yeo, Singapore
  • If you are in Singapore and interested in Russia, this is the place to be! You not only get to learn the language, but pick up some cultural nuances, get tips on travel, and of course make great friends :)
    Rohan Mathur, India
  • Привет! Hello! I am student from Austria and was attending Elementary Course 3 at Russian Language Center Singapore. I had a great time there and was always looking forward to the next lesson as our teacher Katya really focused on speaking. Especially because of the small groups everyone get's a chance to do so. That's the point - when you learn a foreign language you have to speak! I also learned a lot about Russian culture like how Russians celebrate their own holidays. It was a perfect mixture of all aspects of language learning and now I am even more eager to improve my Russian knowledge! Спасибо!
    Michael Pfeiffer, Austria
  • For the last two years, I have greatly enjoyed my Russian classes at Russian Language Center. All teachers are very friendly and their teaching technique is thorough and effective with a very good material  provided (exercise books with audio tapes) to help you along the way. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant in a very cosy and typical Singaporean shophouse. As classes are taught in small groups, I feel I can progress very fast. Each time my work prevents me from attending my Russian class, I miss it dearly! Many thanks to Katya and Natasha in particular for making these Russian classes so interesting and fun to attend and for organizing so many Russian cultural events (including trips to Russia) on top of the language classes, all contributing to build a very unique and valuable Russian cultural experience in Singapore.
    Dominique Leblanc, France

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